How to discover your pet play fetish based on tail butt plugs?

Pet play is quite a unique type of roleplay that involves the participants taking on the persona of an animal. Some people use it to escape from the reality they live in while others simply enjoy being humiliated and degraded like an animal. But there are of course more varied reasons than just the two listed above for enjoying this form of role-playing. There are a lot of ways people stimulate pet play. Some prefer to wear animal masks, while others wear straight jackets with a collar attached to their necks. But this is generally done outside the confines of one’s home. When it comes to private pet play, people prefer to use something else as well and that’s tail butt plugs. But before we get to that it’s time to explore how pet play and BDSM tie into each other.

How does BDSM influence pet play fetish?

Pet play is not exactly a form of BDSM but there’s some overlap between the two. Here’s how BDSM influences pet play:

  • After all, there are aspects to care and control present while taking care and ensuring the comfort of one’s pet.
  • It’s important to understand that pet play doesn’t need to be sexual. There are pet play relationships which are based on just ensuring that the pet can escape from the reality of life and give over control. If the sexual route is chosen then sexual satisfaction will play a major role. But in both non-sexual and sexual situations there is a BDSM influence.
  • Moreover, the interactions between the owner and the pet bear a great resemblance to how the master trains the slave. The pet, just like the sub or slave will be taught to behave and if they don’t then they will be punished. But the difference in that in BDSM the punishment will be pleasurable to the slave while in pet play, the punishments will be the ones which are generally used for disciplining animals. It’s also necessary that the pets will have to enjoy the punishment. All that’s important to keep in mind is that there should be boundaries kept in mind so that it doesn’t go into abuse and harms the health of the person engaging as a pet.
  • Communication can also be restricted for some time for the pet but this will, of course, depend on what the pair have decided beforehand. It’s expected that some safe words will be chosen but the pet isn’t allowed to communicate in words but whinnies and woofs. This is similar to the sensory deprivation part of pet play.
  • There are bondage elements in pet play as well, just like in BDSM. Handlers like to prevent their pets from moving around much. This is generally done to ensure that the whole experience becomes that much more authentic. Pet bondage can be done with ropes because with the right rigging and knots, any bodily position will be easy to achieve. But as with BDSM, the master or handler must know that he or she is doing because an incorrect rope tactic can damage the body.

How can tail butt plugs help in pet play?

Multiple accessories can be used in pet play and one of them is tail butt plugs. The tails which are attached to the butt plugs will make your pet feel like he or she has a little fluffy tail. But there’s more to how butt plugs with tails help with pet play:

  • The different kinds of tails go well with the different kinds of animals one can be. There are a lot of different kinds of tails available in the market. But the most common ones are horses, dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. Of course, these tails can be used for other animals as well if it works or if you can’t find the kind of specific tail you want. With so many beautiful tail plugs to choose from, we can assure you that there is always something that you will love from this website.
  • Butt plugs with tails can be an essential part of the pet play fetish since they help with the handler/pet dynamic which is rooted in submission from the pet. After all, during the pet play, the pet won’t be able to remove the butt plug since body movement will be restricted. So it will depend on the handler, when he or she chooses to take out the butt plug and how it is taken out. This gives the handler control over the pet and submission/domination is a major aspect of pet play.
  • If the pet play relationship is sexual then butt plugs can help stimulate the anus while also making the pet feel like they are an animal. Thus, the pet is never made to become human to have intercourse. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the handler or the pet wants to have sex with real animals. All they want to do is adopt the personalities of the animal they embody or try to. For example, someone who is playing as a dog will try to be more upbeat whereas someone who is playing as a cat will try to be quieter. Of course, these are over-generalizations since there are different types of dog and cat breeds available that showcase different types of personalities.
  • Butt plugs will tail are more effective in making the pet feel like an animal. There are various bondages to restrict the movement of the pet. Like there’s the rope bondage which was mentioned earlier as well as masks or straight jackets, but butt plugs with tails allow a different level of control and acceptance to the pet.

So if you have a pet play fetish but aren’t sure how to explore it further then butt plugs with tails can be a great way of doing so. Not only is it quite safe to practice but it gives the handler and the pet the kind of control one craves and the other wants to give up. After all, if you don’t like it you can stop using it. But it’s certainly worth a try.