Checkthestatsnh.org was established to educate more men that men’s health is important, and it does not make them less masculine to go see a doctor for a checkup.

Many men suffer from different diseases and disorders, and early detection has been a problem. There is still a lack of education among men. This is where checkthestatsnh.org comes in.

We are a non-profit organization who participates in any event that promotes men’s health in general. We have partnered with different organizations with different causes like prostate cancer awareness, sexual health, mental illness campaigns, etc.

Checkthestatsnh.org strongly believes that it’s time for men to flex those muscle and fight today’s threat to men’s health. This has been the vision of the website’s owner, John Baker. He has been an advocate of men’s health after he survived prostate cancer. He works with a great team of volunteers to maintain this website and deliver articles that are helpful to men.