Our Team

John Baker

He believes that masculinity-shaming must stop. John is a prostate cancer survivor who swore to spread awareness on how important men’s health is. He leads a team of writers for checkthestatsnh.org and he also manages their involvement in charitable work.

Julius Wayne

Aside from writing for checkthestatsnh.org, he also volunteers as a nurse in every outreach program that the organization participates in. Julius loves to share life hacks when it comes to men’s hygiene on checkthestatsnh.org.

Anne Jones
Social Media Manager

Anne takes care of our social media presence. She thinks that spreading their cause has never been easy with the use of different social media platforms. She believes that they must start with the younger generation of men, and the most effective way would be posting engaging social media posts.

Shari Wang

Shari makes sure that we are free from any legal conflicts. Aside from being a fierce legal consultant, she enjoys taking care of her husband every day. She thinks that more women must look beyond a man’s masculinity and embrace the fact that they also need pampering.