About Us


The mission of the  Partnership for a Drug-Free New Hampshire (PDFNH) is to convey consistent, universal, effective messaging to help prevent the misuse of alcohol and other drugs in New Hampshire and increase awareness that treatment can work and recovery is possible, through a collaboration of coalitions, networks, groups, organizations, and agencies.


 PDFNH was organized in 1994 under the State of New Hampshire’s Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services. The goal of the PDFNH was simple –- to reach as many NH residents as possible with an anti-drug message and reduce the incidence of substance abuse in the state.  PDFNH also became aligned with the national Partnership for a Drug-Free America, utilizing many of the national organization’s messages and campaigns here in New Hampshire.  By 1995, in collaboration with media partners, PDFNH was able to produce one of the largest statewide public service campaigns in New Hampshire’s history, totaling over $550,000 of in-kind support.

Throughout the years, PDFNH led many media campaigns and local initiatives including:

  • Creating and distributing parenting flyers and brochures about the dangers of drugs and alcohol
  • Wrapping the NH Statehouse with a red ribbon to celebrate national Red Ribbon Week
  • Creating an Inhalant and Prescription Drug awareness campaign with the Northern New England Poison Control Center
  • Working with various media partners to create radio, television, and print public service announcements for various campaigns
  • Working with NH Liquor Enforcement to raise awareness about the “Buyer Beware” program and other alcohol-related issues
  • Partnering with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on prescription drug education initiatives

In 2010, PDFNH decided it was time to reform the organization to ensure all future campaigns were for and about the people of New Hampshire, and spoke to specific issues facing the citizens of the Granite State.  PDFNH continued to build a membership of coalitions, networks, groups, organizations, and agencies to brainstorm how best to make this happen. As a result of this hard work, in 2013 the newly reorganized and funded PDFNH worked toward becoming an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit and in 2014 launched a statewide campaign developing awareness about alcohol and other drug issues in NH.  The campaign is intended to let NH adults know that despite NH’s ranking as one of the healthiest states in the nation, the state has a real problem with drugs and alcohol, especially among our youth, while at the same time providing parents and caregivers with tools to keep kids safe.

Over the coming years, PDFNH plans to expand its messaging to other target audiences, work closely with its members to develop new initiatives, and grow into an organization that is recognized throughout the state. The future goals include becoming a self-sustaining professional organization, successfully engaging NH media outlets, implementing a state communications infrastructure, and the creation of a Speaker’s Bureau.  PDFNH will also continue to  develop partnerships with agencies and organizations throughout the state to make a real impact on NH alcohol and drug stats.

Please visit our parent site at www.drugfreenh.org for a wider scope of services, resources and information.

Feel free to contact us about this campaign at info@checkthestatsnh.org.